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Nilus / Directors: Alexandra Ruepp, Julien Duret / Switzerland, 2012, 7 min.


In a world where “∆ Corp.” is the information technology company of reference, Joe Jault – deposed employee of the multinational firm – hasn’t said his last word.

Watch a clip from the film:

Production: Alexandra Ruepp 

Story, animation: Alexandra Ruepp

Cinematography: Julien Duret 

Original music: Marc Baril

Sound design: Todd Leblanc 

Editor, additional VFX: Julien Duret  

Festivals selections & diffusion

  • Bristol animated encounters 2012, UK (International Competition)
  • Tofuzi international festival of animated films 2012, Georgia (International Competition)
  • SE-MA-FOR international stop motion festival 2013, Poland (International Competition)
  • River Film Festival 2014, Italy (International Competition)
  • Special animation event at the Swiss Embassy in Washington DC, USA – 2014
  • TV5 Canada broadcast purchase – 2014